Maria Agostinelli completed philosophical studies at La Sapienza in Rome and then joined Rai, first as a web manager and graphics, then as host and author of cultural programs for Rai Cultura and other broadcasters. At work he alternated his passion for solo travel, going to Iraq, Iran, Central Asia, South Africa, Philippines, Rwanda, Oman, Russia, Ukraine, Balkans, Caucasus, Myanmar, Morocco, Argentina, Lebanon and Mexico, to mention just a few destinations. In addition to his Facebook and Instagram pages, he also told some of his travels on M.Ago Travel Blog.

Emiliano Caviglia graduated in Political Sociology with a thesis in Comparative Politics and a Masters in International Relations, and then taught as a visiting professor at La Sapienza of Rome in the degree course of Social Sciences for Cooperation and Development. His studies have focused on South East Asia and the Indian sub-continent and for this reason his academic commitment has gone together with a genuine passion "in the field" for other places and cultures, which has resulted in travels started 25 years ago throughout the East Asia region, India, Mozambique, Central America, Madagascar, North Africa and others.

Mascia Moscati earned a degree in Business Administration  at the American university of Rome, and specializes in Marketing with a master degree at Regent’s college - Webster University in London . She focuses her studies in social Marketing to develop strategic plans to facilitate growth  of non-profit , cultural  and environmental - oriented companies. In the early years of 2000 she is president of the publishing company 06-zone founding the suburban city magazine Zu.(Zone Urbane) a glossy magazine that explored the urban culture of a city like Rome:  describing local trends and events through an alternative language and  iconography .Today she is marketing consultant in the tourist industry , mostly for  the growing  B&B market companies. She is very passionate with the environmental issues , monitoring the traveller market, studying consequences of “overtourism” and its impact on the planet, her challenge is to  identify  new opportunities for a sustainable and responsible way to travel. Her personal experiences has exposed her to different cultures , giving her the chance to have a global perspective on everyday life, to see the world as a whole,  considering  causes and effects of individual behaviors on the entire planet. This is the reason way she has immediately embraced the mission of Treeps to promote  a green  way to travel considering local civilizations , their culture and their environment.


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