Do you want to travel sustainably but independently? Treeps wants to connect travellers with each
other and directly with local communities, facilities and sustainable tourism actors around the
world, with the aim of starting to travel in a truly responsible way.

Treeps will organise trips to see first hand which are the ways and places of a truly sustainable
tourism and share them with its community. But we also need you. Your experiences as travellers
who respect the values of sustainability form the core of our project. We must finally come forward
to share them and make them accessible to all.

People, planet, profit. People are the real protagonists of Treeps: on the one hand, travellers and, on
the other hand, local communities around the world who are working to make tourism an engine of
change. The planet is at the heart of our efforts: it is time to radically change our behaviour to save
it. Profit is directed to local communities: the best way to bring about tourism that does real good
and reduces poverty in the world.